Is This True Love? – A Love Tarot Reading for Couples

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I may take some heat for saying that as much as I love tarot card reading, I don’t always love tarot reading for couples.

The subject of love comes up in nearly every reading, and with good reason, love is something we all crave, need, want, and desire for basic survival. We’re social creatures after all.

When it comes to tackling the topic of love in a tarot card reading, however, more often than not the inquirer wants to know about their lover, rather than ways to attract more love.

The Sticky Ethics of a Love Tarot Reading

Tarot already falls into a moral gray area for many people, some feel that it’s akin to witchcraft, while others feel it’s just another God-given method of revelation, tongues, and prophesy. Whichever school of thought you fall into, it’s wise to remember that a tarot reading is for the individual seeking answers, and should focus on what actions that individual should be taking to effect positive and lasting change in their life. In short, focus on the person asking the question, rather than dig around in the back yard of someone who has not yet given you permission to excavate.

Questions like “how am I working against myself when it comes to attracting love?” and “what can I do to clear the path for the arrival of my soul mate?” are ideal questions to ask in a love tarot reading. Questions like “When is he going to leave his wife?” and “What is she doing right now?”… not so much.

Drawing from One Deck

When approaching a tarot card reading for a couple and using only one deck, it’s important to remember that you’re limiting the scope of what can be revealed. Shuffle the cards, split the deck in half between each individual, then consider how their vocabulary becomes limited when asking the question “What am I trying to show my partner?” – neither is equipped with all the words and meanings which will paint a clearer picture of the relationship. For this reason, it may be wise to use two decks when working on a love tarot reading.

Drawing from Two Decks

Using two decks for a love tarot card reading tends to be much more accurate and efficient, provided the decks are of similar origin. Rider-Waite tarot tends to differ significantly from decks inspired by the Crowley-Thoth tradition, especially in the area of the court cards, and this can have an effect on the overall outcome of your love tarot reading.

Look in the Mirror – X Marks the Spot

This simple spread is very effective for a love tarot reading because it gets right to the heart of the matter when it comes to understanding the disconnects which may occur between what each individual desires on an internal level, and how they are presenting themselves externally. When it comes to drawing a card for the 5th position, agree ahead of time if each person will draw a card, or if only one card will suffice – after all, each person may think a different core issue is effecting the quality of the relationship and knowing this will result in a more accurate reading.

love tarot reading -sample spread


1,2 = What You Want Your Partner to See (How you think you’re acting)

3,4 = What You Are Really Showing Your Partner (How your actions are really coming across)

5 = Core Issue Effecting the Relationship (Call that Elephant in the Corner what it really is)

6,7 = What You Want From Your Partner (What’s missing?)

8,9 = What You Are Willing to Sacrifice (Where are you willing to compromise?)

Add It Up – Love Tarot Reading

The nice thing about this particular spread is it allows for additional insight in the form of numerology, provided numerology is one of the aspects you like to apply to your tarot readings. Simply add up the numerical value of each card and boil it down to an integer of significance. Think of it as a litmus test and barometer of the relationship’s health. Utilizing numerology in this way can give a better understanding of what sort of homework is required of the couple if they want to get the most value out of their reading.

This ethical dilemma is easily avoided by doing a love tarot reading with both people present.
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