Angel Card Readings – How They Differ from Other Oracles

While it’s true that all the answers of the Universe are ours to access, and tarot reading is one such method of accessing those answers, not everyone feels comfortable using tarot as a tool – thankfully angel card readings are available for the sake of divining prophesy as well. Angels are sent for our protection, guidance, education, and faith, but we don’t always know how to communicate with these divine guardians. Angel readings and the cards used for angel readings makes it easy to bridge the gap and forge a deeper relationship with our angelic protectors.

Angel Card Readings Cultivate Intuition – Great for Beginning Readers

angel card readings
Yes, there is an Angel Tarot Deck in existence, illustrated by Stuart R. Kaplan. For the sake of this discussion, however, the focus is upon the Angel oracle deck.

Angel cards, while still considered oracle cards for the purpose of divination, are quite different from their tarot card cousins.

For one thing, there are no court cards, no pips, no numbers to add up, or planetary influences to consider. Instead, the reader is given a lovely illustration in vibrant colors and a few keywords to act as a guide. In all, this method of reading is fantastic for developing an intuitive relationship with the deck.

Angel Card Readings – A Kinder, Gentler Approach to Divination

No Major/Minor Arcana – With no division between a Major or Minor Arcana, angel card readings aren’t bogged down with concerns about how much influence is from the Universe and how much is just from day-to-day human experience. Instead, it’s all just a matter of heavenly hints from a divine source. The ultimate meaning isn’t derived from a spread in angel readings, it’s a matter of intuition and faith.

Lovely Illustrations and Keywords – Each card is illustrated with gorgeously detailed angels in flowing garments, captured in various stages of action depending upon the card, and colored in rich, vibrant hues. The keywords are easy to read, and when paired with the illustrations the deeper symbolic meaning becomes quite clear.

Free-form Readings Born of God’s Still, Soft Voice – Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to drawing meaning from angel card readings the lack of distracting pips, courts, aces and trumps allows for a more intuitive reading. Quietly meditating on the imagery of a card can help you hear the quiet voice of God more clearly, acting as a constant and trusted guide during your angel card readings.

Great for Personal Growth and Meditation – Drawing a card each day and meditation on its meaning is a fantastic method of inviting spiritual growth into your life. Whether you draw your card in the morning as a way of determining your approach for the day, in the afternoon as a sort of check-point and emotional refuelling pit-stop, or in the evening as a means of reflecting upon the day, angel readings will not only provide a seed for personal growth, but will also deepen your connection with God. Especially if you cross-reference the keywords with passages of scripture which refer to the same topic.

Tap Into Your Divine Self – Each of us contains a spark of the divine. We are all made in the image of God and carry that connection with us throughout our lifetime. God gave us the power of prophesy, speaking in tongues and counsel, angel readings act as just one method of embracing these divine gifts.

Applying Angelic Meanings to Traditional Tarot Spreads

Traditional tarot card spreads are a great way to develop a deeper relationship with your Angel oracle deck. Whether you’re using a Celtic Cross to see how your angel guides are working in your past, present and future to clear obstacles, or gently slow down your pace, or you’re using a simpler spread such as a three-card spread, the intuitive meanings of the angel cards will ring true in your angel readings.

With daily practice and meditation, you will come to find that your confidence and intuition grow stronger the more often you work with your deck, which in turn will make your angel card readings more accurate and effective for inviting positive, lasting change into your life and the lives of others.